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Monthly Archives: November 2016


So, I’ve not been doing this very long but I’m really enjoying getting involved with online readers! It’s such a shift in pace for me and Is keeping me so motivated with my reading (as well as with my writing!)

Who knew that such solace could be achieved through sharing something private…

Post Uni Reading and ‘Me Before You’

Hello Everyone,

So I’ve been out of education (for the first time since I was 4) for about three months now and I have to say I don’t quite know what to do with myself. When I was at Uni I had so many reading assignments thrust upon me on a weekly basis that I almost never had time to read for pleasure; tragically I found that when I did I just couldn’t stand the thought of reading anything more. I don’t know if anyone else suffered this lapse in bibliophile faith but it has thrown me into quite the stupor! In a desperate attempt to recover my fragile relationship with books I had a google…

My First Ever Blog Post

Welcome! One and all to the fantastical, magical, and sometimes comical world of Tackfiction!!!

I feel like I should be performing a microphone test right now to make sure this post goes to plan and doesn’t get wildly out of hand! 1,2.. testing.