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Monthly Archives: March 2017

The Thousandth Floor

It’s taken a long time for me to write a review for this one because I wasn’t completely sure how I felt about it. I posted it as one of my favourite reads of the year on Instagram in 2016 but honestly I’d read less than 10 books that year. Title: The Thousandth Floor                                         Author: Katharine McGee                                                     Date published: October 30, 2016       Pages: 448 Summary:  Welcome to Manhattan, 2118. A thousand-storey tower stretching into the sky. A glittering vision of the future, where anything is possible – if you want it enough. A hundred years in the future, New York’s elite of the super-tower lie, backstab and betray each other to…

Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff: Review