So what’s this all about?

Books! I mean, to start with. For the most part I’ll talk about things I’ve read and hope to read and what I thought about them. I like everything from Northanger Abbey to Fight Club and a great deal outside and in between so hopefully you’ll find something that sparks your interest. Failing that my dog is pretty cute and I’ll definitely be posting more than a few pictures of his squishy little face.

Archie border terrier russel tackfiction

I’m also a fan of (and therefore will probably natter about) game related jargon and play A.R.K., Minecraft, Sims (1,2,3,4) and Pokemon when I find the time (as well as a few obscure JRPG’s like Persona 3 FES, a game I got waay too emotionally involved in and Catherine which I mainly bought because it’s my name).

My other keen interest is sewing so I may post the odd project and share with you patterns I discover along the way but I’m diving into this site with no set idea as to where it’s going to end up (Imagine Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S’s running style if you need a visual of where my mind’s at right now) so pretty much anything could happen.*

*excluding the consumption of mushrooms because they are gross. That’s literally the only thing I can guarantee wont happen. Like honestly. Ew.

What made you decide to start it?

This exercise is a kind of experiment for me; that’s not to say I have any scientific motive (if you ask my science teachers from school you’ll understand my ineptitude in that area), I’m just interested in the idea of exploring books in a more connected way. I’ve been inspired partly through some good friends of mine who introduced me to the idea of reading in a less passive and disconnected way. Ever since I was a tiny nugget of a human being reading, for me, was a very personal experience – I was the only person living in the alternate realities of the pages in front of me and I considered it to be a very private sort of escape. Now as I move forward into adulthood and the modern age I find myself in a position where I am compelled to share my experiences with reading through the channels of tweets, hashtags, reviews, vlogs, blogs and arty photos I run into on a daily basis. So what better way is there to understand the world wide tangle than to make myself a part of it?


I’m a 22 year-old Literature Graduate from the South of England and I flit between here and BC, Canada. This is me:


I grew up in a small seaside town and have always had a passion for reading – I was the kid who’d fall asleep with a flashlight, face down on an open page. Anyway, if you’ve read the rest of this page you’ll already know tons about my interests but travel is also a *big* thing for me. This picture was taken on a canal boat in Amsterdam. I’ve just returned from a 10 month stint in Canada and hope to visit a million more fabulous countries before I even think of settling somewhere. My favourite book at the moment is Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha and I’m not great at maths. I don’t like peas either but I feel as though I might be running out of things. I tend to post all sorts on nonsense on my personal instagram account (@fizzbean) and am always chatting away about bookish things at @tackfiction so feel free to send me a message or e-mail if you have any book recommendations.

For now, Happy Reading!


 – Cat –