Review Policy

Yay! Terms and Conditions are so fun!

Current status:

At present I will respond to ALL review requests (even to decline) and will post a review if I finish the book. [Please refer back regularly as this status may change]

Things to note:

  • It should be noted that I rarely post reviews of books I do not finish as I feel I cannot adequately review in this scenario. In this case I will likely notify the enquirer.
  • Acceptance of review requests is entirely at my own discretion – even if your request fits all my criteria I still reserve the right to refuse.
  • I am an honest reviewer and my review will reflect that. I will ONLY review to provide an honest opinion, whilst I strive to see great writing succeed I will ONLY celebrate books I enjoy personally.
  • I am usually in the process of reviewing a NetGalley request so individual inquiries are welcomed but in the case of a time-frame sensitive request please make this clear during initial contact with me.


I am more than happy to accommodate deadlines as required if I am able to do so. I work full time and am therefore unable to guarantee turnarounds of under a week. If you would prefer a review to be posted within a specific timeframe please make this clear during your initial contact with me. I will participate in book tours provided I receive the book AT LEAST one full week before the deadline for posts.

Where I post:

For a standard review you may expect a post initially to this blog (, a minimum of one Instagram post ‘hashtagging’ the book and author name and an abridged review on Goodreads. Occasionally I will also post my review on Amazon however should you have specific posting requests please let me know before the deadline.


I read widely and am open to exploring new genres however I do favour the following genres:

  • General fiction
  • Literary Fiction
  • Sci-fi
  • Historic Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • YA Fantasy
  • True Crime
  • Autobiographies (exclusively of people I am otherwise interested in)


I prefer hard copies of books to be sent however will accept Kindle compatible e-books. For authors I know personally or well known popular authors I may also accept pdfs but this is case dependent as I find them difficult to read.

I am also extremely interested in Audio-books and film/tv reviews and again, will accept these at my own discretion.

The ‘Star-Rating’

I do include a star rating on my reviews however these are based on my enjoyment of the book above everything else. I use pink stars because I like the colour. They are roughly decided as follows:

✩ : Didn’t enjoy reading; would not recommend


✩✩: Not for me, some potential but ultimately fell flat


✩✩✩: Enjoyed reading, some flaws but don’t regret picking it up


✩✩✩✩: thoroughly enjoyed, would recommend

✩✩✩✩✩: (very rarely used) Enjoyed more than thought possible, goes on my list of favourites, will probably rant and rave about for many years

½✩ Half Stars: If a review features a half-star this means I was either not convinced enough to go up to the next full star OR felt that the full star rating was too much given specific failings. This will usually be made clear within the main text.

Responses to writing quality, plot strength, character development etc. will be included within the main text.

You can find previous review examples listed on the ‘reviews’ page of the website.

Ways of Contacting me:

To get the most immediate response (and for basic inquiries) I usually recommend requesting via private message on Instagram at @tackfiction.

I can also be reached at or using this form.