Ash and Quill by Rachel Caine: Review

Yep. It’s still one of the best series’ I’ve read this year. I’m waiting anxiously for book four.

Title: Ash And Quill

Author: Rachel Caine

Publication date: Allison & Busby (11 July 2017)

Pages: 368


Held prisoner by the Burner forces in Philadelphia, Jess and his friends struggle to stay alive in the face of threats from both sides …but a stunning escape guarantees worse is coming. The Library now means to stop them by any means necessary, and they’ll have to make dangerous allies and difficult choices to stay alive. They have only two choices: face the might of the Great Library head on, or be erased from life, and the history of the world, for ever.Win or die.


This review may contain spoilers for the previous books in the series.

These Great Library scholars don’t half travel! Phew! It’s a shame there wasn’t more time for sight-seeing really. But anyway…



I loved seeing more of the quiet together moments between characters; it was something I wanted more of in the last one and I was so pleased by the complexities of some of the relationships.

Morgan is still Morgan, she’s a little bit scarier now but still seems unequivocally vulnerable. I get that some people are just like this, I’m like this, but she just always seems a bit ‘deer in the headlights’ to me? But also with this weird sad entitlement. Does anyone else get that vibe from her? I mean I suppose it could be down to perspective: we see the story almost entirely from Jess’ perspective and he loves her so maybe he just sees her that way. Their relationship is kinda flat and boring though. I wish I shipped them more. It bugs me a lot. She’s getting stronger though so perhaps she’s go fully berserk in the next one; I think I’d like that.The same HAS to be said for Wolfe, he’s just got to be building up for something. I’m ready for him to be frightening.

Also Wolfe and Santi. That is all.

Thomas is just wonderful. He’s even better now. BUT THE END. OF COURSE THE END. HES THE BEST FRIEND EVER.

I don’t even like Dario (well I do, he’s a great character, but I also don’t) but him and Khalia are just so sweet. She, of course, is a million miles out of his league but still. There was not enough annoyance from his friends about his betrayal I feel but I guess we’re just putting that in the past; I’m clearly less trusting than the lot of them!



I didn’t love this one as much for a few reasons. A lot of plot threads are being held onto for (I hope) a later time and whilst this means I’m DYING for more information it did take away  from my enjoyment of this addition to the series. I was grateful, in the second book, to learn more about the Obscurist Magnus, and more Brendan in this one was a DEFINITE plus, but a few more little tid-bits in this part of Jess’ story would’ve made it so much more enjoyable. If there’s a ‘filler’ book for the series I’d say this is it, they move from one situation to another very similar situation that puts all the characters in the right place for the sequel. Don’t get me wrong, it’s 100% worth reading and IS wonderful. I am SUPER excited for the next book but I’m also putting a lot of pressure on it. I hope the sacrifices made in this book help to make it the best one yet!



 4 out of 5


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