The people of Bookstagram – December 2017

This post is a little different to some of my usual chatter but is probably a great deal more important.

If you’re thinking about joining #bookstagram but aren’t sure where to start it’s important to find the most active and helpful members of the community. There are the @PaperFury’s and @BookSugar’s of the world and  you’ll find them, most likely, without too much hunting. Today I’m interested in shedding some light on the up-and-comers, the friendly faces of the everyday, online, bookish community.

I’d like to introduce you all to some of my favourite bookstagrammers. Some of these lovely people deserve far more kudos than I can give but all are wonderful, supportive friends who keep me writing and reading when the going gets tough or a dreaded slump takes hold!


Jazz and Buddy always have plenty going on, if you love #bookstagram but are also partial to the #dogsofinstagram feed DEFINITELY check out her feed!


Connie’s wasrocking a red brick and autumn leaf theme and has now adapted it to a new wintery spread which I’m completely in love with. She’s also one of the friendliest grammers I’ve ever spoken to!


Laura is funny and fabulous. Her varied theme is always catching my eye! She’s so friendly and welcoming but make sure you take down her name, she’s a master of disguise and her hair colour changes ALL the time!


As well as being a complete delight to talk to, Moon has also just opened her bookish etsy store and is making even more designs for the Christmas period!


Karra is a Vancouver based writer with a great eye and fabulous taste in reading. New posts are always different from the last but all flow together seamlessly. Love this feed!


Kayleigh is a book blogger based in the UK and also lectures Psychology! She’s a busy, brainy lady and has a lot of love for Harry Potter!


Hannah is a student and has read nearly 50 books this year! Way more than my meagre 30! My favourite picture of hers so far is of Milk and Honey and features a myriad of coloured pens!



Beth favours a clean and bright theme that’s always polished to perfection and her lil puppy, Pippin, is always full of beans. Beth can tell you about pretty much every new release YA book ever written!


Phillipa was recently using a marble backed theme which I absolutely adored. Her sense of style is as impeccable as her book collection is vast


Vera is from the Netherlands and uses a clean, aesthetically pleasing theme to showcase her fabulous collection of novels. Her creative set ups for photos are stunning and she’s great to talk to about all the latest and best reads.




Author and puppy lover in her own right, Rachel is definitely one to follow. Her story is always full of adorable pics of her puffball, Sumo and her #bookstagram set-ups are mesmirising! p.s. these ones are all video posts! Check them out on her account!


Kell often favours a gorgeous outdoorsy theme on her feed, she’s a fabulous writer and a brilliant photographer to boot. Plus: dragons.


Mena’s also favouring an autumnal look and I’m loving it. She’s super on it when it comes to book tags and always has something good to say!


Kelsi’s feed is fascinating and diverse and she’s always ready to talk book with you. She often features a ‘Question of the day’ which is an awesome way to start a dialogue and chat about your bookish favourites!


Shannon is a book lover like no other. She’s great fun to talk to about your latest book love and also has a whole army of puppers!


Esli’s feed is bright, pretty and poised and I can’t get enough of it. She’s also a rep for @all_things_book_ish_boxes and book boxes are everything!!


I first met Helen on Twitter and she’s a fab friendly bookstagrammer who blogs too! She tagged me in the Sunshine Blogger award tag.

Obviously there are hoards and hoards of fabulous bookish people; these are just a few of my favourites! Who are your favourite bookstagrammers this festive season? Share them in the comments below! (or do a response post #peopleofbookstagram if you feel so inclined, I’m always eager to find new accounts to be jealous of!)


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