Why is there a Toucan on my Homepage?

Aaaaand, I’m back! I’ve had such a long break from writing by complete accident. Well, I say accident but it’s more that my entire life routine just went belly-up. It started with a reading slump (I’m still half way through two different books, neither of which is really doing it for me but I can’t bear the thought of reading THREE at once) and then when I’m not reading I can’t review because I don’t finish anything. Not that reviews are the ‘be-all and end-all’ of this little webspace but when I get behind on my blogging I always find them to be great starting points for rebuilding posting routine. Anyway, that’s that and this is about a toucan.

I recently re-jigged my little blog. This is nothing new for me, it’s something I do periodically to help me re-motivate (lord knows I needed a boost this month!) I used to move the furniture around in my room as a child because I liked the ‘newness’ of the adjusted layout – it made me excited that I had re-designed my own space and that it then became more inherently ‘me’ than it had been one hour prior. I guess this is kind of the same thing.

Before I decided I hated it my little site looked like this:


I still can’t decide if it looks better than the current scheme but hopefully one will stick eventually. In the meantime I can only apologise for the myriad of adjustments I will continue to make until I am entirely and suitably satisfied.

So, anyway, my own finicky idiosyncrasies aside, this post is about the little bird you might have noticed lurking quietly at the top of the newly renovated landing page. I’m here to answer the question I know has been keeping you up all night: why is there a toucan on my homepage? In case you can’t be bothered to scroll up right now (I know I wouldn’t) OR in case you are reading this 200 years in the future and Toucan doodles are now outlawed on the universe.world.web for some reason, here’s an incriminating shot of the title bird in question.


Isn’t he just the cutest? I’ll have to start by saying that he is (sadly) not my own creation – I found him hiding away in the sticker section at fotor.com and fell instantly in love with his scribbly little face. So, naturally, I selected him as mascot for my little online scribble-pad and plonked him just to the right of centre stage (I didn’t want celebrity and stardom to go to his head.) Alas, the ‘f’ in the centre of my ‘Tackfiction’ logo is now quite the diva, but hey, lesson learned I guess. I’m hoping I can keep him, at least for a little while but he may be reclaimed by his original source one day so I’m bracing myself for the inevitable fallout.

I did try the logo without him but it just felt very empty – Kell (DragonBabble) did a few checks for me that day and felt the same: that for some bizarre reason he just belonged there. I mean just look:cropped-atitle11.png

Even here his absence is tangible. Plus (in case I haven’t already made this clear) I like him, so he’s staying. I mostly like the way he looks so appalled by the ‘post-it’ logo to his left. He’s silently judging the fact that I am not a graphic designer and it is in-fact just a pink square tilted awkwardly to the side. He’s an apt icon for reinforcing the lack of cohesion over here at Tackfiction. There may be no real theme or overarching goal right now but we have a toucan and, for now, that’s enough.

Do you ever get attached to obscure inanimate objects or images? No? Well, congratulations on being a normal human bean you lucky sprout.

I don’t think I’d adequately justified the presence of a tropical bird on my book blog quite yet but much like everything else on this blog I’m sure I can find a way to link it in. The whole setup is defined by the struggle between professionalism (not that you’d know it!) and authenticity: I mean, I want to be taken seriously (sort of) but I’m also a hot bookish mess so I don’t know what to tell you. It’s probably just best that I leave the toucan, embrace the chaos of it all and get on with the rest of my day and in my infinite wisdom *as clearly showcased here today* I suggest you do the same.

Happy Reading! Untitled design (2).jpg

*edit* reading this back I’ve discovered just how heavily it’s laced with abhorrent sarcasm. As such I can only offer my sincerest apologies, it is intrinsically linked to my personality. I’m a monster. 


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