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The season’s slowly changing and Spring’s on its way. As the February bookstagram challenge draws to a close it seems like a good time to reflect on its successes and get some insight on this month’s anticipated Instagram challenges.


Reading summary: February was a bad month for reading for me as I only managed to get through ONE book (Gemina) – it was a quick read too I just found myself very distracted for one reason or another. However since the 1st i’ve already outdone last month’s total and have lots of books to talk about in the weeks to come.

Favourite Challenges:

8. Favourite Couple – I chose Tris and Four; I liked thinking back on relationships I like in books. What’s funny about these two is that I don’t really love them as individuals but as a couple they just seem perfect.

14. Build a book heart – this was one of the most difficult photo challenges I’ve ever attempted! I should’ve just done a page fold heart rather than the big mess I uploaded!

20. High Fantasy – for this one I photographed ‘Throne of Glass’ – I’ve not yet read it but am keen to start on it!


Reading Target: I’ve already read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban this month (for the first time I might add) and am hoping to get going on The Goblet of Fire too. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Harry Potter world and have even been to the studio tour. Whilst I adore every aspect I have encountered of the series so far, until very recently, I struggled to find time to read the books. It’s a huge task when you look at them all sat there on the shelf dying to be read; and I wanted to enjoy them too. That’s a huge part of it – I didn’t want to take it on like a gargantuan, tumultuous task and feel like it was a chore. So anyway – I’ll be (hopefully) ticking off two Harry Potter books this month!

The J.K.Rowling fun doesn’t stop there though, oh no, I’ve also started to read The Casual Vacancy and am really enjoying the far-from-magical lives of the characters inhabiting the town of Pagford. Once I check that one off my list I may try and squeeze in something a wee bit different but we will have to see how the month plays out. You can find regular updates on my Instagram and even take part in the #bookstagram challenges yourself – it’s never too late to join.

Most anticipated challenges:

Given that we’re already on day 10 and a third of a way through the month (how did that happen?) some of these have already been completed but for the benefit of those of you who don’t participate (or are just catching up) I’ve included favourite days from within those dates too.

5. Create your dream squad: I chose Tris, Four, Nik, Hanna, Mark Watney and Celaena though there are infinite possibilities.

7. Non-human characters: AIDAN was my unavoidable choice, he’s the first A.I. character I’ve really enjoyed reading. I liked that despite his automated nature the narrative still gives him such a personality.

20. Top Three Favourite Characters: I still can’t decide on my choices for this one but again, these prompts keep you thinking about your favourite reads and reflecting on your reading experience – they even get you writing a little every day!

Anyway, that was my little insight into recent and upcoming discussions among the Bookstagram community! Happy reading to you all and let me know your top three favourite characters in the comments below (I desperately need contenders!)

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  1. J4rming | 10th Mar 17

    Excited for you to read more Harry Potter! They get better and better as you go on from the 3rd/part way through 4th. They get darker and somehow more like YA books instead of children’s one. Number 5 OOTP is my fav’ there is soooo much in there and you are not going to know half of the story, it’s going to be like a new to you! 😉

    I’m enjoying #bookstagram so far, and yeah, I can’t believe it’s the 10th already too! Crazy time keeps speeding up!
    J4 x

    • tackfiction | 13th Mar 17

      I’m excited too! I found the first two quite difficult to get through because they were so so similar to the films (which is a good thing but makes for slow reading) and because the reading level was completely different from the later books. I’m so excited for OOTP!

      Glad you’re enjoying the #bookstagram stuff! Your posts are great – I have to catch up on a few days this evening as I’ve been in bed with a horrendous cold and have got behind 🙁

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