Happy Birthday Canada! 28 Books and their Canadian Authors

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR CANADA!!! Happy Birthday to you!

(You don’t know how tempting it was to put “Happy Birthday Mr President” there instead, for some reason my brain was all about that reference today. Weird.)

Anyhow, the beautiful country I currently call home is turning 150 years old in less than a week and, in tribute (and alongside the gorgeous red t-shirts my workplace has us wearing this week), here’s a list of some Canadian authors for you to try as well as some of their most popular works. All these lovely wordsmiths have one key thing in common: they are all Canadian born! So, without further ado, here they are:

Margaret Atwood

This one seems like a very obvious choice but honestly, what list of Canadian authors would be complete without her?


Yann Martel 

This wonderful author is likely another you’ll have heard of, or perhaps you saw the movie Life of Pi, an epic thing that was based of Martel’s book of the same name.

Heather O’Neill

Lullabies for Little Criminals has been floating around on my TBR since before I can remember and it’s only now I realise that she is in fact Canadian born! (Whoops!)

Emma Donoghue

Fans of Donoghue’s bestseller Room will be pleased to see this name on my little list here. The Irish-Canadian author’s 2010 novel won Commonwealth Writers’ Prize regional prize (Caribbean and Canada) in 2011 as well as accumulating a whole host of other accolades and nominations.

L. M. Montgomery

With the new film hitting screens this year it’s hard not to include the author of the well-loved classic Anne of Green Gables. Montgomery published her first works during the 1900s and her classic tale of one of our favourite fictional orphans, the stubborn but lovable Anne Shirley.

Alice Munro

If you’re a fan of the short-story form this talented Lady is someone you’ll want to add to your “I want to read everything they have ever written in the history of ever” list. Having also achieved the 2013 Nobel Prize in literature Munro is a widely respected and talented artist. Runaway, her Giller prize-winning collection of short stories is a great place to start.

Alwyn Hamilton

For you Young-Adult readers this is likely a name you will have come across in your reading. Rebel in the Sands was Hamilton’s popular debut and dominated #bookstagram last year (2016). The third in her trilogy is expected to be released at some time next year (2018).

Perhaps there’s someone here that you’ve not heard of before, or even a book cover that strikes your fancy? I’m reading one from this list in honour of #CanadaDay, let me know if you’re thinking of doing the same!

  – Cat –


  1. Stan the Man | 26th Jun 17

    Robertson Davis’s The Cornish Trilogy!!!

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