Happy New Year! [Resolutions]

2018 is off to a flying start; so far all I’ve seen is endless optimism, it has absolutely dominated my internet interfaces. For shining out in a world that doesn’t always inspire it I’d very much like to extend a much coveted high-five to all you beacons of positivity! You go Glen Coco. In that same spirit I’m going to charge straight ahead with my new years resolutions in the hope that I can succeed with at least a commendable 50% completion rate. Wish me luck!

Get my Netgalley percentage up to a healthy 60% 

Whilst I’d love to hit the golden 80% this year I definitely over-requested last year and have a lot of catching up to do. I’m at an embarrassing 26% at present and I’m actually a little embarrassed by it.

Beat my 2017’s Goodreads goal. 

I read 31 books out of my 30 book challenge last year and was enormously proud to have read that much in the year that followed my university reading slump. This year I want to hit 35 and beyond.

Read more comics and graphic novels

Last year I attended MCM Comicon in London with DragonBabble and Booksnest and had an amazing time. I picked up some graphic novels and comics (Fray, Saga) and also got The Invisibles for Christmas. One of my goals is to fit a few in next year as they always seem to take a back foot on my TBR.

Use my brain more

I have a habit of glazing over information and not making an effort to actually engage fully with things. I don’t know if I’m just over distancing myself or if I’ve simply become lazy but I’m hoping to shoulder it and train my memory to work a bit better this year. Yesterday I even used my own brain to do maths rather than a calculator (shocking, I know). I’ve enlisted the help of my boyfriend to prompt me when I’m being brain lazy and he’s definitely taken it on board. I’ll also be dusting off my nintendo ds for a little brain training.

Let the little things go

I think I just need reminding of this sometimes. Frustration is a horrible feeling so if I can avoid it a little more in 2018 I will be very pleased.

Pass my driving test

I’m very much over being only able to get anywhere or do anything either on foot or by relying on somebody else. I’ve been very lucky to have got this far without driving but I’m dying for some freedom – hopefully I can make it happen this year!

Wishing you all the best with your own goals this year! What’s your top resolution? Let me know in the comments. And if anyone has any tips for helping make them happen DEFINITELY let me know!! 

Happy 2018!

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