My First Ever Blog Post

Welcome! One and all to the fantastical, magical, and sometimes comical world of Tackfiction!!!

I feel like I should be performing a microphone test right now to make sure this post goes to plan and doesn’t get wildly out of hand! 1,2.. testing.


So,  a few of you I might already know from my murmurings on @tackfiction instagram and from elsewhere in the big wide world, it’s lovely to see you all. The rest of you on the other-hand have literally no idea (Even after 76 words of blog babble) what this is going to be about or who I am. The short answer to the first question is that this is a book blog, a home of words and an outlet for my desperate need to write. It is my hope that it will consist of book reviews, life updates and the sharing of thoughts between like-minded people but it may well develop into something all-together unrecognisable.

The name TackFiction came from my original concept which consisted of a book/gaming/sewing crossover blog for which I would design and make character specific projects. A tack is a line of temporary stitching in a textile project that holds it together until a permanent stitch is made (or that’s what it means here, in my vocabulary.) I liked the way the words sounded together and the thought of blending the genres like that.Ultimately the project would’ve been so much fun but, I think, too much for someone who’s never blogged before, has been known to struggle with motivation, and routinely misses dentist appointments because said person forgets they own a diary. Suffice it to say I remedied the situation by starting something that was slightly more manageable for a baby-blogger. Thus, ‘TackFiction – The Book Blog’ was born.

I myself was born a good few years ago, the same year Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon starred in Apollo 13 (good film.) I loved reading and writing as soon as I worked out how to do it and have been living between pages ever since. I graduated from University of Winchester October 2016 and started this little cave of wonders shortly after. I will be keeping you posted with regular bite-size instagram post daily and (to start with) weekly blog posts; I hope you’ll stick around to see what I have to say.

Happy reading!

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