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Hello, hello, hello! A very happy new year to all of you!

2016 was a memorable one for many of us; for me it was a year of change and I hope to continue that trend this year by trying new things and reaching far beyond the confines of my comfort zone. It’s a very broad resolution to be sure but I’m hoping that will work in my favour.

As some of you will know, and many may not, I moved over to Canada from the UK on boxing day and plan to spend most of my 2017 discovering all that this fabulous country has to offer. It was a huge step for me on both a personal and a geographical level and so far everything’s gone more or less to plan. The only downside so far is the absence of my gorgeous mother’s New Year’s Day dinner – I’m sure to be craving rosemary roast potatoes for several weeks. With that tragic fact in hand, and without further ado it’s time for a sneaky peek at this month’s Tackfiction goings on…



January’s hottest #Hashtags

As usual I’ll be keeping up to date with all the #bookstagram challenges for the month (I just can’t get enough of the aesthetic) but I’m super nervous to get started on my pictures as I have a grand total of *DA-DA-DA-DAHHH* FOUR books, just four, for the whole year (or at least before I go shopping mad and have to pay for an extra suitcase at the airport just to get them all back safe).

The tags I’m most excited to see from the bookstagrammers this month are:

  • Day 4: Emotional roller-coaster – I’ve always said that if a book can make me feel I’ll love it forever regardless of all other qualities it possesses. For me that’s what writing and reading is all about, using the power of words to reach others. I’m keen to discover some new heart-wrenching titles to add to my ever growing TBR.
  • Day 15: Originally written in another language – Since reading The Vegetarian by Han Kang I’ve been in awe of translators near and far for the intense responsibility they take on when they open up a text for a new audience of readers. To take a powerful novel written in one language and to replicate that same power and resonance in another, to me, is completely incredible – I can’t wait to discover the more stories from foreign writers enhanced by the skills of their translators.
  • Day 16: Favourite animal character – I love animal characters on a surface level because I adore animals. My  dog, Archie, is the most adorable creature and makes me miss home that little bit more and had I had more of a scientific brain I would’ve pursued work in Zoology. But deeper than that I love the characters because they give scope for a bright, new, and all together more pure commentary on the world, their perspectives are often so uplifting to read and I’d love to read a few more.


The other hashtag I’ll be having a go at is the appropriately named #NewBookginnings17 tag which contains a myriad of fabulous challenges including: Day 10 – Most anticipated adaptation, Day 18 – Favourite novella, and Day 23 – Title that describes your life (a challenge I’m excited to see the posts for!)

As usual you can find all my posts over on my @tackfiction Instagram account. Wishing you all a beautiful and prosperous 2017. Did you make any bookish resolutions? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section. Also if anyone has any Canada themed reading recommendations drop me a line!

That’s all for now! #HappyReading


  1. BooksNest | 8th Jan 17

    Cat! I nominated you in the Mystery Blogger Awards… check it out here and what you can do if you fancy https://booksnestbookishopinions.wordpress.com/2017/01/08/mystery-blogger-award/ 🙂

    • tackfiction | 9th Jan 17

      That’s awesome thanks, Beth! I’ll have a little look-see in the morning <3

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