What to do after finishing ‘Allegiant’ *Spoilers throughout*

Okay, I’m a little (very) late on the bandwagon with this one. However, having finished Veronica Roth’s third addition to the Divergent trilogy I DID NOT expect to be googling “What to do after finishing Allegiant” and crying snotty tears into my Lady and the Tramp pyjamas at four in the morning hoping that the four stages of grief would pass by without incident. Ordinarily I would take that ‘four’ and pun the absolute be-jesus out of it but given that I’m grieving I don’t think I can muster my usual hilarity.

*Serious Spoiler Warning now guys – I cannot be any clearer*

Now, I wasn’t in love with Tris as a character; her and Four on the other hand were like salvation; they were the good in all the bad and their personalities, for me at least, combined to make the ultimate dystopian couple. I just felt so connected to the story: when Tris was suspicious of Nita, I was suspicious of Nita. When Tobias thought Tris was jealous so did I so, naturally, when Tris died, sacrificing herself for none other than her back-stabbing, spineless, Erudite brother Caleb I was in-con-solable.

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I have since recovered from the upsetting ordeal, though the scars still remain, and hope that with these 5 steps, you can too…

Step 1 – Get it all out 

We’re going to skip the entire denial phase of this journey; it isn’t productive and frankly, there’s no way to unread the pain. You need to binge on ice cream and sulking and bring out your inner Bridget Jones – this is her time to shine.

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It’s also worth noting that this is the most important time to resist book burning and/or angry tweeting Veronica Roth. It is her fault but that’s something you’re just going to have to come to terms with…

Step 2  – “Cleanse”

And I don’t mean detox, there is always time for more Ice-cream. Surround yourself with other things – Netflix binge a whole series of The Vampire Diaries, learn to juggle, invent an entire new world for yourself where they only speak in vowels, I won’t judge – the important thing here is that you distance yourselves from it all completely.

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Embrace your inner P!nk, turn your favourite angry punk music up real high, and dance on the bed in your jammies – it’s the only way to get rid of all the sad.

Step 3 – Rationalise

Now, wipe those tears, think it through, and say goodbye. It’s time now to remember that what happened in the book stays in the book. But also to ask ‘if Tris hadn’t died where would they all be now?’ She saved them from the same fate they were trying to escape to begin with. Tris died for the ‘greater good’ not just for Caleb and it’s time to let it go.


She was an important part of your life for a few days/weeks but that time is passed and you should be proud of her; she was Dauntless to the very end…

Step 4 – Forgive

It’s not only Tris you have to forgive before you move on , but Roth too, if you can bare it. (if not metaphorically flip her the bird and never touch on of her evil, tear-thieving books ever again.)

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But you do have to give the woman her dues. If you’ve made it this far through the series, as well as reaching out to the internet for help, then she got you good. Me too. Kudos Roth for making me feel again; you made a brave authorial decision – the right one for the characters in my eyes – and I salute you for it.

Step 5 – Move on

What doesn’t kill you will undoubtedly prepare you for the next life-altering, earth-shattering piece of fiction you dive into. So, your final step is letting go…

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…If you liked the series here’s a few suggestions to follow up with:

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– Cat –


  1. J4rming | 17th Feb 17

    I love this.

    I remember feeling the same way about this series when I read it and I’m feeling the ever present feeling that it’s going to get to me in the series I’m reading now. The Gender Games.

    Non-readers don’t understand the attachment we can get to characters in a book. So when we mull around in a depressed daze for a couple of hours (or more likely days) it makes no sense to them!

    It’s even worse for partners. They just have to face the fact they loose us to a book for a while but when we come back we have awesome stories to tell! 👍🏻

    Xx J4zz

    • tackfiction | 17th Feb 17

      Completely agree! It makes you into a complete crazy person but in the best way! I think I regularly confuse Taylor with my book related strops…

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